• Huge Energy Attended the 17th China New Energy International Expo & Summit Forum
    Huge Energy Attended the 17th China New Energy International Expo & Summit Forum Nov 27, 2023
    The 17th China New Energy International Expo and Summit Forum (NEX 2023) was successfully held in Xi'an on November 23-24 under the guidance of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, and co-sponsored by the All-China New Energy Chamber of Commerce and the Development and Construction Management Committee of the Xian New Area in Shanxi Province. Huge Energy was invited to attend the event to talk about the development of new energy industry and help modernization with experts, scholars, business leaders and industry media from home and abroad. This year's event is committed to creating a platform for publicity, exhibition, exchange and cooperation for the new energy industry, focusing on industry hotspots such as multi-energy complementarity, application scenarios and new business models, and sharing the latest views on industrial ecology, technology iteration and cutting-edge observation through the form of "exhibition and research combination", to comprehensively display the new technologies, materials, products and business models of the new energy industry chain from domestic and international sources. Dialogue with PV Leaders. Digital Intelligence for the Future At the PV Leaders Professional Forum, Mr. Lai Hongze, Chairman of Huge Energy, delivered a keynote speech and demonstrated the application of Huge Energy's transformation through digital intelligence, empowering multiple case scenarios, such as flexible brackets, tracking brackets, distributed rooftops, and ground level. In recent years, Huge Energy set up a senior R & D and production team and a comprehensive key laboratory, gathered many excellent top talents in the industry, formed a huge database in the global case, accumulated rich experience and efficient design and implementation of the solution ability, and with the world's authoritative organization RWDI and CPP cooperation to carry out a series of wind tunnel test, so that the reliability of each component of the structural system and the degree of match is better, we have always adhered to the development strategy of "project design and safety first," and has achieved the record of 10 years of zero quality and safety accidents. Walking with Light for Development During the same period of the forum, the Organizational Work Conference of All-China New Energy Chamber of Commerce and the Second Council of the Fifth Session, the Second Executive Council of the Fifth Session, and the Fifth President's Office of the Fifth Session were also held in synchronization, and Lai Hongze, the Chairman of Huge Energy, as the Vice President of All-China New Energy Chamber of Commerce, gave a speech on the stage, saying that he was very honored to be elected as the Vice President, and that Huge Energy, as a leading photovoltaic mounting solutions provider, looked forward to joining hands with all the colleagues and promoting the industry's development together. After more than 10 years of accumulation, China New Energy In...
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  • Huge Energy makes a wonderful appearance at the Osaka International Intelligent Energy Week 2023
    Huge Energy makes a wonderful appearance at the Osaka International Intelligent Energy Week 2023 Nov 21, 2023
    On November 17, the three-day 2023 Osaka, the Osaka International Intelligent Energy Week 2023 came to an end. Huge Energy made a grand appearance with its flagship products, displayed the latest brand and product developments, shared the latest structural design and future development trends, and presented them to new and old customers. A feast of technology and strength. Against the background of the increasing international demand for renewable energy, this exhibition attracted 1,520 exhibitors and 70,000 visitors from around the world. Huge Energy unveiled the latest ground aluminum brackets & carbon steel brackets, as well as a series of hooks, rails, and ground screw products at the exhibition, and equipped professional technicians to give detailed on-site explanations. Iteration and renewal. Intelligent creation and innovation The ground aluminum brackets & carbon steel brackets exhibited this time have gone through many iterations in terms of function, structure, appearance, and craftsmanship. They are highly adapted to the mountainous terrain in various regions of Japan and can provide the best solution for agricultural racks. On the first day, many professionals came to consult on detailed application and installation details and discuss the latest market needs. This aluminum bracket system is made of high-strength aluminum alloy. It not only has strong corrosion resistance and wind and snow load resistance, but the span, ground clearance and shading rate can be customized according to customer needs. The entire bracket has few spare parts and is highly pre-installed. There is no need for on-site cutting and drilling, which greatly reduces the difficulty and construction time of on-site construction and greatly reduces the project cost. At the same time, Huge Energy adopts an AI system and uses AI-LLM large model + optimization algorithm + intelligent workflow to empower the optimized design of photovoltaic brackets. Through accurate CFD simulation analysis, the wind load coefficients of photovoltaic modules in various arrangements are obtained, providing AI escort for power station safety. Many Japanese EPC teams understand the core technology independently developed by Huge Energy and strictly control the material and quality standard production of products. Customers have more trust in our product quality and manufacturing capabilities. Highest standard. Leading 2GW Huge Energy is one of the first companies to introduce smart photovoltaics into the Japanese market. It is also a company included in the recommended list of solar power products and services by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan. At the same time, Huge Energy is one of the first companies to obtain Japan's JIS authoritative standard certification, which represents the most important and authoritative standard among Japanese national standards. It not only means that Huge Energy's product quality and quality control have ...
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  • Huge Energy Appears at 2023 PV Taiwan, joining hands with the cross-strait photovoltaic industry chain to create a green energy future.
    Huge Energy Appears at 2023 PV Taiwan, joining hands with the cross-strait photovoltaic industry chain to create a green energy future. Oct 24, 2023
    From October 18 to 20, 2023, the 2023 Energy Taiwan and Taiwan International Net Zero Sustainability Exhibition were grandly held in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall 1. As one of the largest solar energy exhibitions in Taiwan, PV Taiwang has become one of the most important platforms for Chinese photovoltaic companies to open up the Taiwan market. Huge Energy has participated in the exhibition for three consecutive years. The "BIPV waterproof bracket" photovoltaic system exhibited at this exhibition has attracted much attention. On-site project solutions for intended customers exceeded 50MW. The high mountains and hills on Taiwan's main island account for nearly two-thirds of the area. There are limited flat land resources suitable for building traditional large-scale photovoltaic power plants. Taiwan consumes a lot of electricity and is expensive. However, most of the rooftops are idle. There are many industrial and commercial factories and abundant rooftop resources. As one of the company's star products, the BIPV waterproof photovoltaic system exhibited by Huge Energy is highly reliable and adaptable. It can be adapted to most building roof systems and carport systems. It has full waterproof performance, and its service life and power generation efficiency are greatly improved. , is the best choice for Taiwanese industrial and commercial customers to build rooftop photovoltaic systems. Highlights of Huge Energy BIPV waterproof bracket Design innovation: The top surface of the guide rail is designed to be higher than the components to prevent water accumulation and foreign matter. Structural innovation: Patented structural waterproof + sealing strip design, three-layer sealing, multiple protections. Material application innovation: Fully consider the potential difference of different materials to avoid potential corrosion caused by direct contact of different metal materials. Lai Hongsheng, CEO of Huge Energy Taiwan Company, said: "Huge Energy is accelerating its global market layout, and Taiwan is an important strategic market in the Asia-Pacific region. Since Huge Energy established its Taiwan branch in 2018, Huge Energy has received orders from the Taiwan market. The volume is rising steadily, and we have reached in-depth cooperation with many customers such as TSMC, Kaohsiung Community, Taiwan Qigu Dawen Duan Aquaculture Farm, etc., and the accumulated installed capacity exceeds 1GW!, and this year’s upgraded BIVP waterproof bracket system and ground bracket series solutions It is widely praised by major markets around the world.” In recent years, Huge Energy has actively carried out global layout. With its professional R&D capabilities, strict quality management system, rapid response and delivery capabilities, it has been firmly at the forefront of China's photovoltaic mounting bracket industry. As China's leading supplier of photovoltaic mounting solutions, Huge Energy wi...
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  • Huge Energy made a stunning appearance at the ZeroEmission Mediterranean 2023 in Rome, Italy
    Huge Energy made a stunning appearance at the ZeroEmission Mediterranean 2023 in Rome, Italy Oct 18, 2023
    On October 12, the three-day ZeroEmission Mediterranean 2023 in Italy came to an end. Huge Energy made a grand appearance with star exhibits. With its superior materials, efficient and stable product quality, it won high recognition from on-site customers and also expressed its gratitude to the customers. European and American markets demonstrate leading photovoltaic technology and brand strength. At this exhibition, Huge Energy launched a major launch of roof aluminum profiles, C+U-shaped steel ground solar mounting system, and BIPV waterproof racks. It also exhibited a variety of hooks and rail solutions to Italian customers, and equipped professional technicians to conduct detailed on-site explanation. The rooftop photovoltaic system on display is highly adapted to the market demand in Italy, where distributed photovoltaic account for a large proportion. The system uses aluminum profiles with high corrosion resistance. It has various categories such as corner, upright, T-shaped, and hook, and is suitable for various color steel tiles, ceramic tiles, flat tiles, and asphalt tile series roofs on the market, with strong optionality. Using the roof to fix metal parts will not damage the waterproofing system of the house itself. It is simple in design and easy to install. In addition, the on-site ground photovoltaic bracket system is mainly made of C+U-shaped steel. The surface of the system support has been treated with special materials. It has strong corrosion resistance, strong wind and snow load resistance, few installation parts, low cost, short delivery cycle, and professionalism. The structural design improves the stability and installation efficiency of the system and ensures long-term use of solar power stations in harsh environments. It can adapt to various terrains in Italy, and its eye-catching strength has become the focus of popularity in the exhibition hall, winning unanimous praise from on-site customers. The scene was crowded with people and the atmosphere was warm. After the exhibitors learned about the new technological breakthroughs of Huge Energy’s roof aluminum profiles and C+U-shaped steel, they stopped for consultation and signed multiple orders and cooperation contracts. On the second day of the exhibition, the Huge Energy’s booth welcomed a special group of guests. Staff from the Italian military noticed the bracket system of Huge Energy during the exhibition and showed great interest. As an officer with an engineer background, he exchanged relevant technical issues with Huge Energy’s technicians on site, and provided brief training guidance to the soldiers on site on Huge Energy’s design concepts and the latest photovoltaic support technology. During the three days, there were constant inquiries at Huge Energy’s booth. Among them, the characteristics of the products, pricing and related ordering policies were the major issues t...
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  • HUGE Energy Won a 350MW Fishery&PV Smart Project Again
    HUGE Energy Won a 350MW Fishery&PV Smart Project Again Aug 31, 2023
    In early August, HUGE Energy successfully won the bid for the 350MW fishing and solar energy project with excellent R&D and product quality, which is our new breakthrough in the global Fishery&PV projects plan. The project site is located in the beach land by the sea, it utilizes the salt pond to build a photovoltaic power station, and adopts the complementary construction mode of fishery and PV power.At the same time, it is organically integrated into the sightseeing route, taking into account the development of leisure tourism, realizing the triple combination of fishery, energy and sightseeing tourism.   After the completion of the project, it is expected that the annual power generation will be 125 million kWh, which can realize the common development of economy, environment and energy. It will be conducive to the improvement of the local ecological environment, the transformation of the energy structure and the transformation of resources in the neighboring regions, and further improve the economic benefits of renewable energy. Our R&D and EPC team went all out after getting the bidding project information. We customized the overall solution of single column fixed PV mounting structure with PHC prestressed concrete piles as the foundation, which based on several technical exchanges with the owner and the design institute and on-site investigation. In structural design, it adopts the longitudinal two-column fixed arrangement with a span of 4.5m, and adopts the double-insurance module fixing method, “CLAMP+SCREW fixed”, which can greatly enhance the stability of the mounting system. In terms of material selection, it adopts 31um high-strength Mg-Al-Zn anti-corrosion coating, and the anti-corrosion grade reaches C5M class, which meets the anti-corrosion requirements of seaside beach sites. It is one of the most advanced anticorrosion grades recognized internationally.   It can effectively protect materials such as metal, concrete, wood and plastic from corrosion hazards, with high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, waterproof, moisture and oxidation resistance, etc. Huge Energy has emerged from the list of many alternative PV mounting manufacturers, not only relying on the rigorous technical team and high quality products, but also relying on the innovative and efficient service system and intelligent O&M services, which are well recognized and trusted by the customers. As a new type of PV power, Fishery&PV has attracted wide attention in recent years, and we are also exploring and practicing the project for many years. Solar panels are installed above the water surface of fish ponds, and aquaculture can be carried out in the waters below panels, forming a new mode of resource utilization in which power can be generated above and fish can be raised below. Fishery&PV complementary not only realize the efficient use of sunlight, land and other resources, but also can improve the economic income...
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  • Huge Energy donates a PV power station to Changting County--Worth one million!
    Huge Energy donates a PV power station to Changting County--Worth one million! Aug 23, 2023
    On August 19, Huge Energy donated a PV power station worth 1 million yuan to Changting County at the inauguration ceremony of the third director (supervisor) of Xiamen&Changting Chamber of Commerce. With an installed capacity of 25KW, the PV station is expected to generate 300,000 kWh per year with lifespan up to 30 years. A return of ¥150,000 per year under tariff of ¥0.5/kWh, which can provide 4.5 million yuan for scholarships, education, aid to the poor and the disabled. As a leading supplier of photovoltaic mounting solutions in China, Huge Energy has been not forgetting to give back to the society and actively participate in various public welfare activities, while promoting clean energy endeavors. Huge Energy CEO Mr.Lai said: “We have always paid great attention to social responsibility. Our development motivation comes from the society, and we should also assume our own responsibilities. The power station donated this time will generate sustainable and stable electricity revenues for the next 30 years, which will be more conducive to the future development of children. We are very happy to express our support for Changting’s education in this longer-term way to create a better environment for children to grow up, and to protect Changting's green ecosystems in the zero-carbon era.” In recent years, Huge Energy’s public welfare activities have continued to expand. It has repeatedly supported students in mountainous areas to help poor students complete their studies, and has carried out public welfare activities to help the poor and disabled in poor areas in Africa and Southeast Asia, calling for more companies to participate in it. Huge Energy has been honored as a public welfare company for science and education assistance for many times. Those public welfare actions have demonstrated the corporate culture of Huge Energy, boundless love and good morality.
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  • HUGE Energy Shine at The Future Energy Show Vietnam 2023
    HUGE Energy Shine at The Future Energy Show Vietnam 2023 Jul 14, 2023
    During July 12-13, The Future Energy Show Vietnam 2023 was grandly held at the Sky Expo Convention and Exhibition Center in Ho Chi Minh City. This exhibition is the most influential and one of the largest solar energy exhibitions in Vietnam. As a gold sponsor, HUGE Energy presented its latest solution for photovoltaic brackets at the exhibition, which attracted great attention from customers at home and abroad. For this exhibition in Vietnam, HUGE specially exhibited the latest BIPV photovoltaic system solution. This product is driven by the latest technology to make the photovoltaic power generation system better fit the roof. Compared with the metal steel tile roof system, the service life is longer. The power generation efficiency is greatly improved, and it has full waterproof performance. The configuration of horizontal inspection pedal is convenient for system maintenance. At the same time, the laying of the daylighting board effectively improves the light transmittance of the roof. As a leading provider of photovoltaic mounting solutions, Huge Energy also focused on promoting the rooftop full-scenario photovoltaic system solutions, ground photovoltaic system solutions, and balcony photovoltaic system solutions at the exhibition to meet the diverse application needs in different market scenarios.  Local governments, state-owned energy companies, private enterprises, experts and scholars all came to HUGE booth to visit and exchange the latest technologies and solutions for photovoltaic brackets. Director Yu, representative of HUGE, said that the positive feedback from experts and customers on HUGE's products will push HUGE to continue to bring better products and services to the market. At the same time, we have established friendly relations with some important new customers and reached preliminary cooperation intentions. For a long time, HUGE Energy has attached great importance to the in-depth development and localization of Vietnam and the entire Southeast Asian market. This exhibition is an important step for HUGE to enter the Southeast Asian market. We will continue to strengthen our own advantages and use technology and green methods Development, join hands with ecological partners in the Southeast Asian market, jointly promote the sustainable and high-quality development of the industry, and jointly draw a new blueprint for green energy.
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  • HUGE ENERGY Successfully Held the 10th Anniversary Celebration and Product Upgrade Conference
    HUGE ENERGY Successfully Held the 10th Anniversary Celebration and Product Upgrade Conference May 05, 2023
    On April 28, the 10th anniversary celebration and product upgrade conference of HUGE Energy was grandly held in Xiamen. Nearly 500 people, including industry association leaders, experts and scholars, cooperative customers, supplier partners, HUGE Energy employees and their families, gathered together tocelebrate , Together we witnessed the ten-year glorious journey of HUGE's progress and stability and opened a new era of HUGE brand development! Lai Hongze, chairman of Huge Energy Co., Ltd., opened the celebration with a 10th anniversary speech. Mr. Lai reviewed the hardships and gains of ten years of entrepreneurship, thanked governments at all levels and industry authorities for their careful guidance, and expressed gratitude to all partners for their trust and support, and pay tribute to the spirit of for their ten years of perseverance and spirit in the same boat. In the future, HUGE will continue to stick to the dream of new energy, bring clean energy into life, strive to become the world's largest supplier of photovoltaic systems, and work together to create greater glories again. In recent years, HUGE Energy has been adhering to the concept of common progress, common prosperity, and win-win, and has joined hands with new energy-related industry associations to jointly promote industrial integration and development. At the 10th anniversary celebration site, Mr. Wang Hongchang, Assistant Secretary-General of the New Energy Chamber of Commerce of the Federation of Industry and Commerce, and Mr. Sun Minzhao, Secretary-General of the Fujian Provincial New Energy Technology Industry Promotion Association, took the stage to give a congratulatory speech for the 10th anniversary of HUGE. The "BIPV product upgrade" session became a highlight of the event. Su Yongcheng, design manager of HUGE Energy R&D Department, showed the highlights of HUGE BIPV to the guests on site, and verified it from the aspects of technical economy, safety and reliability of the project. The future photovoltaic + building integration is worth looking forward to. At the strategic cooperation signing ceremony, Hu Taiming, general manager of HUGE Energy Co., which signed the strategic cooperation framework agreement with Ltd., Hebei Tianxin Innovation Material Technology Co., Ltd. and Fujian Mujing Metal Products Co., Ltd. This strategic cooperation signing is not only another exploration of win-win and common prosperity for all parties, but also a practical action to jointly promote the green energy world. We have been in the same boat through thick and thin, and we have helped each other for ten years. Accompanying HUGE along the way is not only innovative technology research and development, but also our partners and veteran employees who have grown up with the company for ten years. They have accompanied the company through many years of development and witnessed the vigorous development of the company. On the spot, Mr. Hu presented awards to outstanding partners, and ...
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