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  • Japanese customers come to visit the factory
    Japanese customers come to visit the factory Oct 31, 2019
    Japanese customers come to visit the factory 2019.10.19
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  • Energy PV Taiwan
    Energy PV Taiwan Oct 31, 2019
    Energy PV Taiwan 2019.10.16-2019.10.18 Taiwan Huge Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Address: 12th Floor, No. 43, Jianping 17th Street, Anping District, Tainan City
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  • Exhibition
    Exhibition "EXPO" of Tokyo, Japan Oct 31, 2019
    Exhibition "EXPO" of Tokyo, Japan 2019.9.25-9.27
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  • solar energy exhibition at the KINTEX Pavilion in Gaoyang, Korea on June 19-21, 2019
    solar energy exhibition at the KINTEX Pavilion in Gaoyang, Korea on June 19-21, 2019 Sep 05, 2019
    Our company, Xiamen Huge Energy Technology Co., Ltd., participated in the solar energy exhibition at the KINTEX Pavilion in Gaoyang, Korea on June 19-21, 2019, booth number F86. A group of 5 people arrived in Korea on the 17th, and the 18th exhibition, 19-21 received a number of customers from South Korea engaged in solar-related industries, such as traders, producers, etc., busy on site, harvesting customer attention and recognition for follow-up Business development opens the market. Our company will continue to work hard to increase development efforts and actively explore the Korean market and other international markets.
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  • 2017 Osaka International Solar Energy Exhibition in Japan
    2017 Osaka International Solar Energy Exhibition in Japan Sep 05, 2019
    2017 Osaka International Solar Energy Exhibition in Japan Release time: 2017-10-12 Exhibition: 2017 Osaka International Solar Energy Exhibition (PV EXPO OSAKA2017) Exhibition time: 2017-9-20 ~ 2017-9-22 Annual session Place: INTEX Osaka Organizer: ReedExhibitions Japan Booth No.: 18-74 Xiamen Huge Energy Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the PV EXPO exhibition in Osaka, Japan on September 20, 2017. Exhibits include Xiamen's classic solar roof brackets, aluminum ground brackets, iron brackets, etc. (the most representative of which are the inclined bracket and the back lock bracket). At present, Japan is the world's major energy-consuming country, and its energy is heavily dependent on imports. Solar technology is already an important part of Japan's national development policy. Therefore, Japan has been actively promoting solar power generation technology and introducing an attractive electricity price subsidy policy to stimulate the growth of solar energy demand. After shutting down some nuclear facilities and causing power shortages after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, Japan is keen on renewable energy, and its PV subsidy is the highest in the world. The Japanese government has introduced an attractive subsidy of 42 yen/kWh for on-grid tariffs. Thanks to the high subsidies for on-grid tariffs, many solar companies are very optimistic about the development prospects of the Japanese market. Japan’s active policies, along with Europe’s unattractive solar incentives, have pushed Japan to the throne of the global solar market. Global solar companies have turned their attention to the Japanese market. For Chinese PV companies looking for new markets to capture new growth points, Japan's feed-in tariff policy has injected a shot of intensiveness into manufacturers. As of the second quarter of 2014, the market share of the top six Chinese companies in the Japanese market has reached 42.1%. Xiamen Huge Energy Technology Co., Ltd. ( is a high-tech enterprise in the photovoltaic industry that provides superior technology and efficient services. It specializes in R&D, production, sales and service of solar photovoltaic products. To provide customers with stable, reliable and cost-effective solar photovoltaic system solutions. Since its establishment, it has been sold to customers in many countries and regions around the world. It is currently one of the largest exporters of solar photovoltaic products in China. Huge Energy has always attached great importance to the Japanese market. The exhibition held in Osaka, as the largest and most professional solar industry exhibition in Japan, attracted the participants of the major PV industry during the exhibition to provide a communication experience and cooperation for each solar photovoltaic industry. platform. Huge Energy is also honored to receive many new and old customers who are interested in photovoltaic products, due to the company's service and product...
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  • Fujian New Energy Technology Industry Promotion Association Sun Yizhao and Deputy Secretary Tang Hao visited Huge Energy to guide the work
    Fujian New Energy Technology Industry Promotion Association Sun Yizhao and Deputy Secretary Tang Hao visited Huge Energy to guide the work Jul 11, 2018
    Secretary-General of the Provincial New Energy Promotion Association Sun Yizhao visited our company for guidance Release time: 2018-07-11 On the afternoon of July 9, the Secretary-General of the Fujian New Energy Technology Industry Promotion Association Sun Yizhao and Deputy Secretary Tang Hao visited Huge Energy to guide the work. This is the second time that the leaders of the Association came to our company in less than two months. During the visit, the company's leaders, Chairman Lai Hongze and General Manager Hu Taiming, warmly welcomed the guests. At the symposium, Chairman Lai Hongze first introduced the corporate culture, development history and enterprise planning of Huge Energy. Then, after the "531" policy, the two sides will go to the photovoltaic industry and how to play the role of the promotion platform more effectively. The problem is discussed in depth. At the meeting, Secretary-General Sun said that all of you are doing conscience products and conscience projects. At the same time, he expressed his admiration for the ten-year-old spirit of scientific and technological innovation. He firmly believes that Huge Energy will definitely stand out in this industry reshuffle. The guest production workshop and processing workshop visited and guided. The guests praised our company's leading innovative ideas, strong R&D capabilities, strict quality control and standardized enterprise management! Finally, the guests took a group photo.
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  • Taiwan Tainan Electric Appliances Business Association and Taiwan Green Energy Environmental Protection Committee leaders visiting
    Taiwan Tainan Electric Appliances Business Association and Taiwan Green Energy Environmental Protection Committee leaders visiting Sep 05, 2019
    Taiwan Tainan Electric Appliances Business Association and Taiwan Green Energy Environmental Protection Committee leaders visited our company Release time: 2018-08-18  "Have friends come from afar". At the invitation of Mr. Lai Hongsheng, the executive director of Taiwan Huge Energy, the delegation of Taiwan’s Tainan Electrical and Commercial Association and the leader of the Taiwan Green Energy Environmental Protection Committee visited the Xiamen Huge Energy on August 17th. Reception.  Taking a group photo       The forum was hosted by Mr. Qiu Yichao, Director of Xiamen Huge Energy Market. Mr. Hu Taiming, the general manager of Xiamen Huge Energy, expressed his warm welcome to the Taiwan delegation. Then, Mr. Lai Hongze, Chairman of Xiamen Huge Energy, gave a detailed introduction to the visiting group on the corporate culture, development history and prospects of the company. After listening to the chairman of the delegation, Mr. Guo Yicheng expressed his sincere admiration for the craftsmanship spirit reflected in the process of our company's growth and development. At the same time, we also expressed our congratulations on our company's brilliant achievements. Subsequently, the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on the development of green energy across the Taiwan Strait. The Taiwan Huge Energy, Mr. Lai Hongsheng, explained to the delegation the detailed ten-year development plan of Taiwan Huge. After the exchange, both sides are full of confidence in the future cooperation prospects. look forward to. Finally, the guests and the host exchanged gifts and took a group photo. Warm conversation Giving gifts to guests The guest presented gifts to us. After the symposium, the delegation visited the production workshop. Visit the production workshop
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  • Mid-Autumn Festival Banquet
    Mid-Autumn Festival Banquet Sep 05, 2019
    Mid-Autumn Festival Bun Music-----Xiamen Huge Energy Mid-Autumn Festival Banquet Release time: 2018-09-18 It is another round of reunion, and it is also a mid-autumn year. Let the long-awaited Friends of the Mid-Autumn Festival Bobs Banquet be held on September 17th, 2018 at the delicious restaurant, and the great family will gather together and have fun! Before the banquet, everyone sat down and took part in the banquet activity. The collision of the six scorpions, the laughter of everyone, let the whole venue boil, or cheered for the big prize, or clapping hands because of empty hands. Long sigh; some people are busy with prizes, and some people are holding hands together to pray for the next round of good luck. Everyone enjoys joy, laughter keeps on, cheers constantly, and friends have a huge family relationship. At the end of the banquet event, the banquet began, and the delicious food was presented. At the same time, everyone tasted the delicious food. At the same time, various departments also organized groups to go to the tables to make a toast. For a time, the new and old employees laughed and laughed, and they talked about the wine and talked with each other. The distance between each other. The good times are always fleeting, and the Mid-Autumn Festival cake event is successfully concluded in the laughter and the farewell of everyone. This event not only allowed everyone to relax in a burst of joy, but also enhanced the friendship between colleagues and improved the company's cohesiveness.
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  • Japan
    Japan "PV EXPO Osaka 2018" Sep 05, 2019
    Ingenuity casts a boutique. The giant exhibits detonated Osaka, Japan "PV EXPO Osaka 2018" Release time: 2018-09-29 "PV EXPO Osaka 2018" held in Osaka from September 26 to 28, 2018 is the most professional and authoritative exhibition of related products in the photovoltaic industry in Kansai, Japan, and has a great influence on the Kansai region of Japan. During the annual exhibition, the industry related to the photovoltaic industry gathered together to exchange views on various aspects of industry-leading technology and industry development trends. In addition to exhibiting regular products, our company has specially prepared the most advanced agricultural solar brackets and BR series new products. It can realize the double benefits of agricultural cultivation and solar power generation at the same time, and has attracted the attention of many customers. . Our staff warmly listen to the needs of our customers and provide meticulous product descriptions. Due to the venue and time constraints, the venue only had a short discussion. If you need to know more about the product, please feel free to ask. Thanks to this exhibition, with the support of everyone, we have achieved great success. Xiamen Huge Energy Technology Co., Ltd., as the industry leader in the photovoltaic industry, will cherish the accumulated experience and customer trust, continue to focus on product development and technological innovation, and quickly propose the most suitable solution for customer needs. Keep working hard.
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