• HUGE ENERGY Successfully Held the 10th Anniversary Celebration and Product Upgrade Conference
    HUGE ENERGY Successfully Held the 10th Anniversary Celebration and Product Upgrade Conference May 05, 2023
    On April 28, the 10th anniversary celebration and product upgrade conference of HUGE Energy was grandly held in Xiamen. Nearly 500 people, including industry association leaders, experts and scholars, cooperative customers, supplier partners, HUGE Energy employees and their families, gathered together tocelebrate , Together we witnessed the ten-year glorious journey of HUGE's progress and stability and opened a new era of HUGE brand development! Lai Hongze, chairman of Huge Energy Co., Ltd., opened the celebration with a 10th anniversary speech. Mr. Lai reviewed the hardships and gains of ten years of entrepreneurship, thanked governments at all levels and industry authorities for their careful guidance, and expressed gratitude to all partners for their trust and support, and pay tribute to the spirit of for their ten years of perseverance and spirit in the same boat. In the future, HUGE will continue to stick to the dream of new energy, bring clean energy into life, strive to become the world's largest supplier of photovoltaic systems, and work together to create greater glories again. In recent years, HUGE Energy has been adhering to the concept of common progress, common prosperity, and win-win, and has joined hands with new energy-related industry associations to jointly promote industrial integration and development. At the 10th anniversary celebration site, Mr. Wang Hongchang, Assistant Secretary-General of the New Energy Chamber of Commerce of the Federation of Industry and Commerce, and Mr. Sun Minzhao, Secretary-General of the Fujian Provincial New Energy Technology Industry Promotion Association, took the stage to give a congratulatory speech for the 10th anniversary of HUGE. The "BIPV product upgrade" session became a highlight of the event. Su Yongcheng, design manager of HUGE Energy R&D Department, showed the highlights of HUGE BIPV to the guests on site, and verified it from the aspects of technical economy, safety and reliability of the project. The future photovoltaic + building integration is worth looking forward to. At the strategic cooperation signing ceremony, Hu Taiming, general manager of HUGE Energy Co., which signed the strategic cooperation framework agreement with Ltd., Hebei Tianxin Innovation Material Technology Co., Ltd. and Fujian Mujing Metal Products Co., Ltd. This strategic cooperation signing is not only another exploration of win-win and common prosperity for all parties, but also a practical action to jointly promote the green energy world. We have been in the same boat through thick and thin, and we have helped each other for ten years. Accompanying HUGE along the way is not only innovative technology research and development, but also our partners and veteran employees who have grown up with the company for ten years. They have accompanied the company through many years of development and witnessed the vigorous development of the company. On the spot, Mr. Hu presented awards to outstanding partners, and ...
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  • Muguang Travel Far, Huge Empowerment, Huge Energy 2022 Annual Commendation Meeting came to a successful conclusion!
    Muguang Travel Far, Huge Empowerment, Huge Energy 2022 Annual Commendation Meeting came to a successful conclusion! Jan 14, 2023
    "Summarize the past, base on the present, look forward to the future", January 14, 2023, Xiamen Huge Energy Co., Ltd. 2022 annual commendation meeting was held, Huge family members gathered to congratulate the Year of the Decapitation, and seek development plans. First of all, Mr. Lai Hongze, Chairman of the Board of Directors, gave a speech to summarize the current stage of development of Huge Energy Co. in 2022, and said that in the new year, with unity, high efficiency and synergy, daring to break through, firm belief, boldness and hard work, we will be able to achieve the goals we have set, and firmly believe that 2023 belongs to us, Huge! The highlight of the party was the unveiling of the year-end recognition list, which is the best affirmation for the employees who have grown and developed together with Huge Energy. Many awards such as "Excellent Employee of the Year Award", "Excellent Sales Award" and "Five-Year Contribution Award" were selected one after another, with continuous applause and blessings. Raffle activities were interspersed throughout the process, pushing the ceremony to one climax after another. During the period, the red packets never stopped, and the grand prizes kept emerging, which made the whole venue happy. Looking at the satisfied smiles of the family members and the joyful and harmonious atmosphere of the venue, every friend of the Huge was warm in heart. While the company cares about each employee, it also cares about the family members of each employee. Every year, the company prepares a "Chinese New Year gift package" to thank the family members for their support and understanding of the company, and hopes that everyone can spend a happy and prosperous Spring Festival. 2022 year-end meeting has come to an end, the excitement is still stirring in everyone's heart, let us join hands together to go to the brilliant future of the photovoltaic industry!
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  • Huge Energy: Awarded
    Huge Energy: Awarded "2022 (Industry) Innovative Enterprise" Jan 05, 2023
    On January 5, 2023, the 2022 (6th) Boao Enterprise Forum and Asian Economic Conference was held in Hainan. Government leaders, economic experts, industry leaders, media representatives and outstanding entrepreneurs gathered here to explore the effective path of sustainable and healthy development. Mr. Lai Hongze, Chairman of Huge Energy, was invited to actively participate in the conference. With continuous corporate innovation, industry influence and excellent market performance, he stood out from the crowd and was honored as the "2022 (Industry) Innovative Enterprise", showing the strength of pioneering innovation. The Boao Enterprise Forum has been successfully held for five times, which has achieved good social response and industry influence. This year, with the theme of "Starting Again - Moving Toward High-Quality Development", the conference will focus on such hot topics as "Green Finance and ESG Construction" and "Double Carbon Targets and Economic Development". The seminar was a profound exchange. Through policy interpretation, theme sharing, industry dialogue, brand display and cooperation negotiation, the conference will share insights, exchange development experiences, explore feasible paths and boost confidence in development, contributing wisdom and strength to promote the high-quality development of China's economy and Chinese modernization. Huge Energy is a Chinese PV mounting manufacturer and solar power system integrator with technological innovation and pursuit of excellence, with 8+ own production bases and annual output value up to 1.5 billion RMB. 100+ R&D team, after 14 years of continuous innovation, has obtained 48+ patents and CE, TUV, UL, SGS certificates, passed ISO9001, ISO45001 The company has branches all over five continents and has completed tens of thousands of PV projects worldwide, with a cumulative installed capacity of 16.8GW by 2021. Huge Energy will take the "2022 Industry Innovation Enterprise" award as a new opportunity to sharpen its innovation and go to a zero-carbon future together.
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  • New Year's greetings from Huge Energy~ I wish you a happy new year and a better one!
  • Back to work today.
  • Huge Energy 2021 Annual Commendation Conference ended successfully!
    Huge Energy 2021 Annual Commendation Conference ended successfully! Jan 22, 2022
    In order to strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control measures, on January 22, Huge Energy's 2021 Annual Commendation Conference was held in the company. Hundreds of employees gathered together to witness the company's achievements in the past year, and also commended employees who performed well in 2021. This commendation conference, with the theme of "accompanying with gratitude, walking all the way", expressed Huge Energy's gratitude to employees for their support and dedication to the company in the past 2021 and the past 13 years. At the conference, Mr. Lai, Chairman of Huge Energy, extended his cordial greetings to all employees. Manager Wang from the Japanese branch and Priyanshu Sharma from the Indian branch were unable to come to the scene due to the epidemic, but recorded a video of blessing for all staff and leaders. At the same time, Mr. Lai looked back on the ups and downs in 2021 and looked forward to the future development trend of Huge Energy. Mr. Lai said that in the past year, despite the increase in the price of raw materials, Huge Energy was still able to achieve its annual target well, which is the result of the efforts of the vast team.  The conference awarded Huge Energy with many awards such as outstanding employees of the year, top three sales, five-year special contribution, etc. This is the best affirmation for employees who grow and develop together with Huge Energy. In addition to the commendation, Huge Energy also prepared gifts and lucky draws for the employees, which represents the reward for the employees' hard work for a year. Thirteen years of struggle and gratitude are all in the 2021 Annual Commendation Conference. Huge Energy believes that with our sonorous fighting spirit, we will be able to jointly write a brilliant future for the photovoltaic industry. Xiamen Huge Energy's 2021 Annual Award Ceremony!
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  • In 2021, thank you for your constant companionship.In 2022, I wish you good health!
    In 2021, thank you for your constant companionship.In 2022, I wish you good health! Dec 31, 2021
    Farewell to 2021, Huge Energy will welcome a new year with new hope. On the occasion of this festive season, Huge Energy would like to extend our cordial greetings and sincere thanks with gratitude. To customers Thank you for your continued support and trust in Huge Energy in the past year. This is the strength and pillar of Huge Energy's continuous progress. Huge Energy is full of harvest and joy in cooperating with you. In 2022, we look forward to our continued cooperation. Aim high and pursue excellence together! I wish you a happy New Year's Day, health and happiness in the new year, and peace and prosperity! To colleagues 2021, thanks to all my colleagues who grew up with Huge Energy! It is your hard work that enables Huge Energy to achieve impressive performance; it is your hard work that allows Huge Energy to win cooperative customers; it is your hard work that allows Huge Energy to continue to develop; it is your dedication that allows Huge Energy to accompany the sunshine to forward. Huge Energy thank you for your efforts, the long road is mighty, and everything can be expected. In 2022, we look forward to working with you to create greater glories! Huge Energy has 13 years of accumulation in the photovoltaic industry. As a professional photovoltaic bracket manufacturer, it has wholly-owned factory subsidiaries and can provide overall solutions for photovoltaic power plants (including: project investment, development, evaluation, design, procurement, construction, operation and maintenance).
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  • HUGE Appeared in“2021 Energy Taiwan”
    HUGE Appeared in“2021 Energy Taiwan” Dec 08, 2021
    On December 8, 2021, the "Energy Taiwan" co-sponsored by the Taiwan Foreign Trade Association and SEMI was grandly exhibited in Hall 2 of Taipei Nangang Exhibition. The exhibition is the largest and most iconic green renewable energy international exhibition in Taiwan. HUGE ENERGY was invited to participate in this exhibition, not only consolidated the existing cooperative relationship, but also tapped a large number of potential customers, laying the foundation for opening up new markets. HUGE ENERGY's ingenious design attracts many merchants to stop and watch.Many buyers have brought technical problems encountered at the construction site. After the enthusiastic technical guidance and process optimization of the high-quality technical staff of HUGE ENERGY, many customers are greatly satisfied, nodded frequently, and reached a cooperation intention on the spot.
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