2017 Osaka International Solar Energy Exhibition in Japan 2019-09-05

2017 Osaka International Solar Energy Exhibition in Japan

Release time: 2017-10-12

Exhibition: 2017 Osaka International Solar Energy Exhibition (PV EXPO OSAKA2017)

Exhibition time: 2017-9-20 ~ 2017-9-22 Annual session

Place: INTEX Osaka

Organizer: ReedExhibitions Japan

Booth No.: 18-74

Xiamen Huge Energy Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the PV EXPO exhibition in Osaka, Japan on September 20, 2017. Exhibits include Xiamen's classic solar roof brackets, aluminum ground brackets, iron brackets, etc. (the most representative of which are the inclined bracket and the back lock bracket).

At present, Japan is the world's major energy-consuming country, and its energy is heavily dependent on imports. Solar technology is already an important part of Japan's national development policy. Therefore, Japan has been actively promoting solar power generation technology and introducing an attractive electricity price subsidy policy to stimulate the growth of solar energy demand.

After shutting down some nuclear facilities and causing power shortages after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, Japan is keen on renewable energy, and its PV subsidy is the highest in the world. The Japanese government has introduced an attractive subsidy of 42 yen/kWh for on-grid tariffs. Thanks to the high subsidies for on-grid tariffs, many solar companies are very optimistic about the development prospects of the Japanese market. Japans active policies, along with Europes unattractive solar incentives, have pushed Japan to the throne of the global solar market.

Global solar companies have turned their attention to the Japanese market. For Chinese PV companies looking for new markets to capture new growth points, Japan's feed-in tariff policy has injected a shot of intensiveness into manufacturers. As of the second quarter of 2014, the market share of the top six Chinese companies in the Japanese market has reached 42.1%.

Xiamen Huge Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (http://www.hugergy.com) is a high-tech enterprise in the photovoltaic industry that provides superior technology and efficient services. It specializes in R&D, production, sales and service of solar photovoltaic products. To provide customers with stable, reliable and cost-effective solar photovoltaic system solutions. Since its establishment, it has been sold to customers in many countries and regions around the world. It is currently one of the largest exporters of solar photovoltaic products in China.

Huge Energy has always attached great importance to the Japanese market. The exhibition held in Osaka, as the largest and most professional solar industry exhibition in Japan, attracted the participants of the major PV industry during the exhibition to provide a communication experience and cooperation for each solar photovoltaic industry. platform.

Huge Energy is also honored to receive many new and old customers who are interested in photovoltaic products, due to the company's service and product quality and price. During the exhibition, we established new trade cooperation relationships with some new customers and achieved good results.

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