From February 28th to March 1st, the WORLD SMART ENERGY WEEK/PV EXPO 2024 MAR concluded successfully with much attention. The exhibition is the largest, most professional and most influential international renewable energy industry exhibition in Japan and even in Asia. It brings together the latest technology and information in the new energy industry. More than 1,600 manufacturers from around the world participated in the exhibition, and 70,000+ visitors attended.

At this exhibition, Huge Energy displayed forward-looking products such as photovoltaic ground aluminum brackets & carbon steel brackets, agricultural photovoltaic brackets, tilted ground photovoltaic brackets, rooftop photovoltaic brackets, and a series of hooks, tracks, and ground pile products. The photovoltaic system solution "high value and full ecology" fully releases the product strength, attracting many new and old customers to stop for consultation and negotiation, and has won unanimous praise from customers.

Based on years of technology accumulation, Huge Energy has created photovoltaic bracket products that are highly adapted to the mountainous terrain in various regions of Japan and are industry-leading. The rich product matrix fully covers the photovoltaic application field, providing solutions for sloping terrain, complex foundations, and multi-functional Provide targeted solutions for land use and other application scenarios. On the first day, many professionals came to consult on detailed application and installation details and discuss the latest market needs.

At this exhibition, Huge Energy launched an agricultural photovoltaic bracket system solution. The system is made of high-strength aluminum alloy. It not only has strong corrosion resistance and wind and snow load resistance, but also has excellent span, ground clearance and shading rate. Can be customized according to customer needs. The entire bracket has few spare parts and is highly pre-installed. There is no need for on-site cutting and drilling, which greatly reduces the difficulty and construction time of on-site construction and greatly reduces the project cost.

Huge Energy's photovoltaic aluminum profile brackets are made of high-strength AL6005-T5 material, with surface anodization treatment and strong resistance to galvanic corrosion and natural corrosion. The material is both lightweight and strong, and the product is highly pre-assembled for easy on-site installation, saving time and cost. The entire series of product designs uses accurate CFD simulations to analyze the wind load coefficients of various arrays of photovoltaic modules, and arrive at the optimal design solution with a service life of more than 25 years.

Huge Energy adheres to the full-process quality management system, and each series of products has passed various authoritative and diverse product certifications and experimental tests around the world, including CPP wind tunnel testing, European TÜV certification, CE certification, etc. At the same time, Huge is one of the first companies to obtain Japan's JIS authoritative standard certification. JIS stands for Japanese Industrial Standards, which has strict system requirements and difficult certification. It is one of the highest-level system standards recognized in Japan and even the world. JIS certification is a full recognition of the quality and quality control of Huge Energy products.

Japan is one of the important markets for the global photovoltaic industry. Huge Energy has been deeply involved in this market for more than 10 years. It has now established localized services including product sales, project management, technical support, on-site services, etc., and continues to expand local business. At present, Huge has accumulated rich experience in project execution in Japan. By the end of 2023, the cumulative installed capacity in the Japanese market will exceed 2GW.

Huge Energy empowers the photovoltaic industry with solid technical barriers and strong brand power, jointly builds green energy development, promotes joint innovation in the photovoltaic industry, and provides more reliable and efficient photovoltaic system solutions for global energy transformation.

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