The "Energy-based Perovskite Material and Device Innovation Team" jointly established by Jiangxia University and HUGE ENERGY was approved for construction 2020-09-21

A few days ago, according to the Ministry of Education Minjiaoke [2020] No. 12 document notice, the "energy-based perovskite material and device innovation team" led by Professor Qiu Yu of Fujian Jiangxia University and declared in cooperation with HUGE ENERGY was approved for construction. "Energy-based perovskite material and device innovation team" Relying on scientific research platforms such as the Key Laboratory of Perovskite Green Application in Fujian Province, and the Engineering Research Center of Organic Optoelectronics Fujian Province, to provide safe and stable perovskite materials with excellent photoelectric properties Based on the team’s theoretical simulation and calculation advantages and the actual needs of the photovoltaic field, accelerate its industrial application in the fields of solar cells, luminescent materials and photoelectric catalysis, and will cooperate with our company in related fields such as photovoltaic system materials and standards.

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