Muguang Travel Far, Huge Empowerment, Huge Energy 2022 Annual Commendation Meeting came to a successful conclusion! 2023-01-14

"Summarize the past, base on the present, look forward to the future", January 14, 2023, Xiamen Huge Energy Co., Ltd. 2022 annual commendation meeting was held, Huge family members gathered to congratulate the Year of the Decapitation, and seek development plans.

First of all, Mr. Lai Hongze, Chairman of the Board of Directors, gave a speech to summarize the current stage of development of Huge Energy Co. in 2022, and said that in the new year, with unity, high efficiency and synergy, daring to break through, firm belief, boldness and hard work, we will be able to achieve the goals we have set, and firmly believe that 2023 belongs to us, Huge!

The highlight of the party was the unveiling of the year-end recognition list, which is the best affirmation for the employees who have grown and developed together with Huge Energy. Many awards such as "Excellent Employee of the Year Award", "Excellent Sales Award" and "Five-Year Contribution Award" were selected one after another, with continuous applause and blessings.

Raffle activities were interspersed throughout the process, pushing the ceremony to one climax after another. During the period, the red packets never stopped, and the grand prizes kept emerging, which made the whole venue happy. Looking at the satisfied smiles of the family members and the joyful and harmonious atmosphere of the venue, every friend of the Huge was warm in heart.

While the company cares about each employee, it also cares about the family members of each employee. Every year, the company prepares a "Chinese New Year gift package" to thank the family members for their support and understanding of the company, and hopes that everyone can spend a happy and prosperous Spring Festival.

2022 year-end meeting has come to an end, the excitement is still stirring in everyone's heart, let us join hands together to go to the brilliant future of the photovoltaic industry!

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