Huge Energy Appears at 2023 PV Taiwan, joining hands with the cross-strait photovoltaic industry chain to create a green energy future. 2023-10-24

From October 18 to 20, 2023, the 2023 Energy Taiwan and Taiwan International Net Zero Sustainability Exhibition were grandly held in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall 1. As one of the largest solar energy exhibitions in Taiwan, PV Taiwang has become one of the most important platforms for Chinese photovoltaic companies to open up the Taiwan market.

Huge Energy has participated in the exhibition for three consecutive years. The "BIPV waterproof bracket" photovoltaic system exhibited at this exhibition has attracted much attention. On-site project solutions for intended customers exceeded 50MW.

The high mountains and hills on Taiwan's main island account for nearly two-thirds of the area. There are limited flat land resources suitable for building traditional large-scale photovoltaic power plants. Taiwan consumes a lot of electricity and is expensive. However, most of the rooftops are idle. There are many industrial and commercial factories and abundant rooftop resources. As one of the company's star products, the BIPV waterproof photovoltaic system exhibited by Huge Energy is highly reliable and adaptable. It can be adapted to most building roof systems and carport systems. It has full waterproof performance, and its service life and power generation efficiency are greatly improved. , is the best choice for Taiwanese industrial and commercial customers to build rooftop photovoltaic systems.

Highlights of Huge Energy BIPV waterproof bracket

Design innovation: The top surface of the guide rail is designed to be higher than the components to prevent water accumulation and foreign matter.

Structural innovation: Patented structural waterproof + sealing strip design, three-layer sealing, multiple protections.

Material application innovation: Fully consider the potential difference of different materials to avoid potential corrosion caused by direct contact of different metal materials.

Lai Hongsheng, CEO of Huge Energy Taiwan Company, said: "Huge Energy is accelerating its global market layout, and Taiwan is an important strategic market in the Asia-Pacific region. Since Huge Energy established its Taiwan branch in 2018, Huge Energy has received orders from the Taiwan market. The volume is rising steadily, and we have reached in-depth cooperation with many customers such as TSMC, Kaohsiung Community, Taiwan Qigu Dawen Duan Aquaculture Farm, etc., and the accumulated installed capacity exceeds 1GW!, and this year’s upgraded BIVP waterproof bracket system and ground bracket series solutions It is widely praised by major markets around the world.”

In recent years, Huge Energy has actively carried out global layout. With its professional R&D capabilities, strict quality management system, rapid response and delivery capabilities, it has been firmly at the forefront of China's photovoltaic mounting bracket industry. As China's leading supplier of photovoltaic mounting solutions, Huge Energy will continue to adhere to the innovation drive, continuously improve its technical strength and industry experience, strengthen cooperation with local governments and enterprises through continuous innovation and product improvement, and contribute to global green energy. make greater contributions to its development.

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