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    Double sided power panel solar mounting system
    Double Sided Power Panels Solar Mounting System Overview Many projects will make it difficult to secure land; solar panels that can generate power on both the front and back have gradually penetrated the market; double sided power panels are also glass on the back. Both the front and back can generate light by capturing light. The power generation effect on the back side is added, and it can generate 5-20% more electricity than a normal panel. You will be able make effective use of it even on narrow land. Parameter Parameters under STC conditions Peak power Wp 320 Open circuit voltage(Voc) V 40.7 Short-circuit current(Isc) A 10.05 Operating Voltage(Vmppt) V 33.2 Operating Current(Imppt) A 9.64 Back power Wp 220 Range of working temperature ℃ -40~+85 Nominal working temperature(NOCT) ℃ 45±2 Performance under NOCT Peak power Wp 237 Open circuit voltage(Voc) V 37 Short-circuit current(Isc) A 8.11 Operating Voltage(Vmppt) V 30.5 Operating Current(Imppt) A 7.75 Frame material, size, specifications Panel material and thickness Coated Glass,2.5mm Back material and thickness Glass,2.5mm EVA peel strength (panel / back) N/cm2 ≥60 Component outlet cable type specifications PV1-F 1×4.0mm2 Matching connector model specifications PV-JM601/PV-ZH202 Does the battery module require grounding YES Project Why Huge Energy Reliability Huge Energy is a manufacturer specializing in successful solar installation solutions, to deliver reliable products to customers. We firmly support the design and production in accordance with international standards. We can guarantee the reliability of our products. Even under extreme installation conditions such as heavy snow, storms and heavy salt damage areas, Huge Energy's products can be used for 25 years. Quality Control With the automation production line, you can control the material and quality of the product strictly. At the same time, the factory thoroughly manages each production process with the ISO quality control system. Quality Assurance Huge Energy's solar system is made on the domestic advanced production line and is strictly produced based on quality standards. Achieve huge compliance with our customers through the strictest quality assurance system of the solar product manufacturer. We have a 15 year quality guarantee on Huge products. After-sales Service Today's Huge Energy has completed thousands of projects worldwide, with a total installed capacity exceeding 2 GW. Along the way, Huge Energy's products have responded to the design and product installation challenges successfully during various challenging natural conditions, and have accumulated a large amount of production and manufacturing experience and project installation experience.  Became a supplier of reliable plan offerings worldwide. We will provide after-sales service so that your project can be operated efficiently even after the project is installed.
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